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Fuel System Cleaning

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Quite often fuel sits in storage tanks for extended periods of time and absorbs moisture, oxidizes, or creates sludge. The result is clogged fuel filters and fuel injectors that can lead to reduced reliability and/or costly engine damage.

Fidelity Power Systems® offers a proactive way to clean and maintain your fuel systems to ensure the performance of your emergency stand-by generator.

Ultimately, scheduled fuel cleaning lowers system repair costs and can be included as part of your planned maintenance agreements for diesel generators.

What Does Our Fuel System Testing Service Provide Your Business?

Increased system reliability
Reduce emergency service calls & expense
Extended life of your investment in generator engines, injectors, & fuel
Lower fuel consumption
Reduced excessive exhaust smoke
Prevents clogged fuel lines, filters, & fuel injectors
Prevents having to replace fuel
Fidelity Power Systems is one of the nation’s largest distributors of KOHLER® Generators and Power Systems.




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