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Fidelity Power Systems® offers load bank testing for all makes of generators. To effectively ensure that your generator is functioning at full system capacity, it must be tested under full load. In many cases, it is impractical to transfer your facility’s critical electric loads over to emergency power for proper generator testing.

Our load bank testing simulates real loads, such as computers, life-safety systems, lighting, air conditioning, or other critical loads without interruption. At a minimum, emergency power systems should be tested under full load at least once a year.

All testing is performed by factory-trained service technicians, so potential deficiencies can be addressed immediately if detected. We test systems from 20 kW up to 4,000 kW or greater.

What Are the Benefits of Load Bank Testing?

Best practical means for verifying the generator system operates as designed
Annual load bank testing helps to avoid wet-stacking buildup from unburned fuel & cleans out carbon deposits from within the exhaust system
Verifies the engine cooling system will perform as required while under load
Provides assurance that the genset should work properly when you need it most, preventing extended down time & unforeseen failures
Joint commission & NFPA testing compliance
Fidelity Power Systems is one of the nation’s largest distributors of KOHLER® Generators and Power Systems.




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